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Professor M. Fatih Tasar, the President of iSER and the Editor-in-chief of the EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education launched the iSER Awards program yesterday in an event. "We need to recognize and reward publications with certain objective qualities," he said. "Our community of educational researchers in mathematics, science, and technology education is growing all around the world. It's our duty to encourage and reward highest quality and exceptionally good scholarly works and publications," he added. "Through such studies we can advance the scholarship in the field and grow our knowledge. Thus, the iSER Executive Board has decided anonymously to reward the EURASIA Journal papers with highest numbers of citations in the Web of Science®," he announced. Dr. Tasar further commented that the EURASIA Journal is included in all major databases and indexes such as SSCI®, ERIC, and SCOPUS. "And this gives advanced recognition to papers published in the EURASIA Journal" he stressed.

The details of the iSER Executive Board decision are as follows:

Papers published in the EURASIA Journal will be tracked for the two consecutive years separately. A maximum of €2500 will be distributed each year among the top 5 papers according to the numbers of citations received from the Web of Science ® journals excluding citations received from conference papers. Only SSCI, SCI-Expanded, and AHCI indexes shall be included in the evaluation. Self-citations will be discounted. In order to be able to qualify for a 1 st grade award a paper should receive a minimum of 10 citations. A 2nd grade award entails 7-9 citations, and a 3rd grade award entails 4-6 citations.

Another award category is for young and emerging researchers. The aim of this category is to reward paper publications emerging out of dissertation works. The top 3 from among such papers with a minimum of 4 citations will be rewarded a maximum of €1500 in an award year. Authors need to apply in a timely manner to be eligible for competition in this award category.

For an award year, only papers from the past two years will be considered for both categories. A paper can be considered in only one of the categories. An independent panel of 3 judges, appointed by the iSER Executive Board, will be in charge of evaluating the papers for the iSER Awards Program. The awardees shall be announced each year in July starting with 2015.

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